Discover how a movement 
which began 500 years ago 
in Reformation Europe
impacts so powerfully 
on modern secular culture today.

The Anabaptist Association links people in Australia and New Zealand who share a  passion for Jesus, community and reconciliation. The network finds inspiration from the life of Jesus, the earliest church and the convictions of the first Anabaptist communities... to be peacemakers and people who dream about and work for a more compassionate world.  Anabaptism today is not about starting a new religion or denomination but brings fresh perspectives on issues that matter and inspires people to go further and deeper in ways that make a difference. 

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“Non-violence seeks to "win" not by destroying or even by humiliating the adversary, but by convincing him that there is a higher and more certain common good than can be attained by bombs and blood. Non-violence, ideally speaking, does not try to overcome the adversary by winning over him, but to turn him from an adversary into a collaborator by winning him over.” 
Thomas Merton. Faith and Violence

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