The Anabaptist Association links people in Australia and New Zealand who share a passion for Jesus, community and reconciliation. The network finds inspiration from the life of Jesus, the earliest church and the convictions of the first Anabaptist communities to be peacemakers and people who dream about and work for a more compassionate world. Anabaptism today is not about starting a new religion or denomination but brings fresh perspectives on issues that matter and inspires people to go further and deeper in ways that make a difference.

the centre of our faith
the centre of our life
the centre of our work

AAANZ exists:

  • To develop creative strategies and accessible resources that will enable Christians from many traditions to learn from and draw on the Anabaptist tradition.
  • To increase the profile of the network so that it can more effectively enable the Anabaptist voice to be heard.
  • To encourage the development and interaction of a network of congregations that are drawing consciously on the Anabaptist tradition.
  • To foster a network to support individuals, groups and churches that identify with contemporary Anabaptist convictions.
  • To provide resources and materials relating to the tradition, perspectives, and teaching of Anabaptists.
  • To convene conferences and regional gatherings and offer teaching, training, pastoral care, mediation and counsel.
  • To partner with churches and other groups and organisations that share a similar mission and values.